• 1 Shopping for an Annuity - We can help you do your homework!
  • 2 Tax Planning for Annuities - Favorable tax treatment is one of the main reasons for buying an annuity.
  • 3 Investment Tax Planning with Annuities
  • 4 Funding Your Future with a Fixed Annuity
  • 5 Immediate Annuities Can Provide Lifetime Income
  • 6 Long-Term Care Annuities
  • 7 Private Annuity: Business Succession Planning

Fixed Annuities - Pays a fixed, set rate of interest.

Fixed Annuity

Historically, fixed annuities were the only type of annuities that companies issued.

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Guaranteed Annuity Contracts

Guaranteed Annuity

This type of annuity covers a group of people (annuitants) who are usually linked through work or membership in a group or organization.

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Annuity Rates

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